Shas MK: We would have had a majority of 61 if it were not for Bennett


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Shas MK: We would have had a majority of 61 if it were not for Bennett
MK Michael Malkieli: Forming a government headed by Netanyahu in this Knesset is a priority - and it is possible.
Ben Ariel

MK Michael Malkieli, the chairman of Shas Knesset faction, said on Tuesday that he is optimistic about the imminent fall of the government. "It is very difficult to maintain a government with 60 seats, which also has a lot of people who are wavering [in their allegiance to it], and the question is who will jump ship first," Malkieli said in an interview with Radio Kol Chai.

On the involvement of Shas chairman Aryeh Deri, who is not currently an MK, in politics, he said, "The chairman of Shas sees the toppling of the government as his life mission and from the beginning of this term, he is only concerned with this and the successes we had in the opposition - he is behind them. There is no doubt that the coalition will have a much more difficult time in the plenum and today everyone understands very well how right it was to boycott the committees and we just saw it in the declaration of [Amichai] Chikli as a defector. When there is no real representation of the opposition it is very difficult to have a real debate and realize the real value of the opposition."