Sharing the gospel

Cindy S.

When he comes, will he find faith? Luke 18:8
Witnessing is the way you live, letting people see Christ THROUGH you as a result of what the Holy Spirit is doing IN you. When you do, sometimes people will come up to you and ask about your faith. I have had that happen; people are curious. As to setting out to share the gospel, if you find it hard to approach people then buy some good tracts and start leaving them anywhere and everywhere. A gospel tract in a rented van was one very important thing that God used to bring me to Him. (I believe I refer to it in my testimony posted here on RF.)

You will find that as you concentrate on loving Him, getting to know Him better through His Word, through prayer, worship, through obedience to Him, that you will be so filled with His Presence that you just bubble over and cannot help but speak of Him. Don't try to manufacture opportunities to share; simply ask God to provide them. He will.
Just inspired me to grab free tracts from church this Sunday.


Won't Be Long Now!
It makes me sick to say this, but in the 21 years or so of believing in Jesus, I've never focused on sharing Him. I'm turning 23 in October. Of course I've shared Jesus some. We saw one of our friends get baptized this year, but she's stopped coming to church and talking with us. She's still living with her boyfriend who doesn't seem to want Christ. I'm a very shy person and find it hard to open up to people. I want to, but I lose heart. I know this is a terrible excuse. Being in school and having a son, I don't know where and when I can share. I feel like I have to scrounge for even the possible opportunities of sharing Jesus, and even then I've got to suppress my shyness. Is there an exhortive, scriptural word that a brother or sister can give me? I know I'm asking stuff, but it's not for me - I just want to share Jesus better.

I know this is an old post and many have already provided good advice. That said, I would like to add my two cents. How does one share the Gospel? This is done by both action and communication. The problem some have is they think communication is only via words. Actually words are only a small part of communication. A young baby cannot speak or understand words, yet we all know how to communicate love to the baby. So there are many ways to communicate. How you treat people, giving to people and/or causes, making it obvious that you are a Christian (do the people at your job know), being forgiving, taking care of someone and I could go on. My point is don't think that sharing the Gospel is just about going up to someone and telling them about Jesus. Yes, some of us need to do that, but those who do should want to and enjoy it. I am not that good at speaking with or getting to know people, but for me (me not everyone) I just love.... sharing the Gospel verbally to every and anyone! For me it's a God given gift, not something I try to force myself to do. You may have a different communication gift that's even more effective! :thumbup