Shaked vows to bring downed Palestinian family unification law to another vote


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Shaked vows to bring downed Palestinian family unification law to another vote
Interior minister says coalition will bring proposal back to Knesset within weeks; Yamina’s Chikli, who torpedoed measure, says he’d consider running with Likud in new elections
By Raoul Wootliff
7 July 2021

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked vowed Tuesday that a law that barring Palestinians from obtaining Israeli citizenship through marriage, which was defeated earlier the same morning, “will be brought to a vote again” in the coming weeks. “I’m sure we’ll ultimately succeed in passing it,” Shaked told Channel 13 news after the government’s failure to pass the Knesset motion. “I will not give up, I will find the right time in the coming weeks, and I will bring the Citizenship Law to a vote with the same wording.”

A predawn vote Tuesday on an annual extension to the contentious measure was torpedoed by Yamina MK Amichai Chikli, who voted with the opposition against the measure, drawing calls for his removal from the faction. With two members of the Islamist Ra’am coalition party abstaining, the 59-59 vote was not enough to pass the bill. The law expired at midnight Tuesday.

The law has historically been supported by right-wing parties as necessary for security and for ensuring Israel maintains a Jewish majority. However, several opposition parties from the right, including Likud and Religious Zionism, voted against the law’s extension as a means of embarrassing and weakening the coalition, which includes a wide array of parties from across the political spectrum.