Shaked to Netanyahu: I'm your last chance, let me work


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Shaked to Netanyahu: I'm your last chance, let me work
Jewish Home chairwoman responds to Likud campaign calling on her to withdraw: Your campaigns and initiatives only make me more determined.
Israel National News
Sep 29, 2022

Jewish Home chairwoman and Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked responded on Wednesday to the campaign of the Likud Party which calls on Shaked to withdraw from the elections, so as not to waste votes for the right.

"Netanyahu, your campaigns and the initiatives you are preparing only make me more determined," Shaked said. ''You, too, understand that we have a good chance of passing [the electoral threshold]. So please, don't offer me positions, I'm not in politics for that. I only work for the right. Just let go and let me work. You also know that I am your last chance.''

A senior member of Likud told Channel 13 News on Wednesday that "Ayelet Shaked does not pass the threshold and has no chance of passing. She is wasting votes for the right and endangers the establishment of a right-wing government."



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This is going to be one of the key people to watch in the election on Nov 1.

Netanyahu is right, she can split the vote and lose her seat and the votes that went for her, and leave Likud (the right wing party of Netanyahu) struggling to make a coalition of seats.

Or she can work WITH Bibi Netanyahu and ensure Likud and the Right wing wins. Since she is right wing, this should make sense but it's Israel. And she and Bibi are enemies.

What Ayelet is saying is that he should leave off attacking her, and let her win her seat and more for her voters, which she can then use to help Likud form a coalition of the right wing and religious conservatives that usually go with Likud.

Because he is likely to come just under the number of seats he needs to form a govt, he needs her help.

She is right that he should stop attacking her and let her win what she can for her voters, but he is also correct that it is more likely that those votes will count for nothing if she can't pass the threshold.

And she might not because she betrayed a lot of her voters by helping form the last coalition with the Arab Joint List, Gantz's Blue and White and both Bennett and Lapid-- Secular, left wing and non religious parties that each made up the tag end of the share of the vote.

Her constituents are religious conservatives and right wing and were none too happy with her siding against Bibi and Likud allowing the last coalition under Lapid and Bennett.

A lot of moving parts, but this woman is a potential spoiler. And she's already betrayed her base due to her intense dislike of Bibi Netanyahu. It's clouded her judgment and it may cost Likud the election for the 5th time.


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Interesting would not like to be in bibi shoes.
daygo I actually think he won't be able to pull it together. Bibi has made so many enemies even in his own conservative camp, and it will be hard for Likud and Bibi to overcome that. Ayelet is one of several who have knives out for Bibi.

Unfortunately for Israel, because in spite of Bibi's shortcomings he is by far and away the best Prime Minister they have had in many years. He is smart, shrewd, cunning and thinks at least 5 steps ahead of everyone else in the room.

What would be best if he had mentored a few younger leaders to take over. No matter how good a leader is, the longer they are in power, the more those around them get used to the power and abuse it which leads to anger and resentment. That's what started to happen with Stephen Harper here in Canada. I suspect its' the same there.

Likud is their conservative voice, fiscally and politically and best for Israel. They need Bibi's brains and perceptiveness, but I suspect they really need new blood at the top. Fresh faces and voices. I don't see that happening in time by Nov 1.
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