Shaked: If we reach 2.5% Netanyahu will help us


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Shaked: If we reach 2.5% Netanyahu will help us
Interior Minister says Opposition leader will have no choice but to change tack and help Jewish Home party if it strengthens in the polls.
Israel National News
Sep 25, 2022

Jewish Home chairwoman Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked has said in closed conversations that if her part reaches 2.5% in the polls, Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu will step in to help the party pass the electoral threshold, Kan Reshet Bet reported Sunday morning.

Shaked was asked in the talks how she will be able to close the gap between what her party receives in the polls and the electoral threshold. In response to the question, she replied: "The task is not to reach the electoral threshold, which stands at 3.25%. Rather, it is enough that we stand at 2.5 - 2.7% and then Netanyahu will take care of getting us past the electoral threshold."