Shah’s son urges West to drive ‘nail in coffin’ of Iran clerical state


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Shah’s son urges West to drive ‘nail in coffin’ of Iran clerical state
Reza Pahlavi urges US, Europe to keep up pressure on ‘fragile regime in Tehran, particularly after election of hardliner Ebrahim Raisi as president
By Shaun Tandon and Francesco FONTEMAGGI

WASHINGTON — Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran’s last shah, believes the clerical state that toppled his father is on the brink of crumbling. What Iranians need now, he says, is stronger support from the West. As ultraconservative Ebrahim Raisi was endorsed Tuesday as the eighth president of the Islamic republic, Pahlavi, who lives in exile near Washington, pointed to an election turnout rate of 48.8 percent, the lowest since the 1979 revolution, as well as demonstrations first triggered by serious water shortages.

“Is the regime fragmented, is it fragile, is it bordering on the precipice? Yes it is, but like anything else, if you throw them a lifeline, they’ll catch a second breath and survive a bit,” he told AFP in an interview. “We have an opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin. And we’re not asking the world to do that for us; the people of Iran want to do it, but they need some help.” He said Western nations should support technology to circumvent internet restrictions in Iran, disinvest from the state and develop a “strike fund” to support workers who wage nonviolent civil disobedience.



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Unfortunately, he's got the wrong president. Biden's predecessor could --and would-- have done something useful. This bunch ... didn't Irwin Winkler make a movie about them back in the early 70's? The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.