Senior Israeli diplomat tells Europeans their complaints ‘piss me off’


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Senior Israeli diplomat tells Europeans their complaints ‘piss me off’
A Foreign Ministry official told European ambassadors that their litany of 30 articles of complaint “pisses me off.”
Published: JANUARY 6, 2022

A senior Israel diplomat rebuked European ambassadors for protesting Israeli policies in the West Bank and violence by settlers. Fifteen European ambassadors led by the UK Charge d’Affaires Mark Power, came to the Foreign Ministry and met with Deputy Director-General Aliza Bin Noun for a démarche, a diplomatic protest, against Israel on December 8.

They also protested house demolitions and evictions from Palestinian homes, as well as the Government of Israel’s decision to declare six Palestinian civil society NGOs terrorist organizations. That designation came in light of the NGOs’ ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the EU designates a terrorist group.

An Israeli diplomatic source said the European ambassadors read about 30 articles of complaint against Israel, including violence by settlers, which has been a hot political topic in Israel in recent weeks. They also protested about planned construction in E1 by Ma’aleh Adumim and in Givat Hamatos in east Jerusalem, and the general situation in the West Bank.