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AFA ActionAlert - Susan G. Komen grants flow to Planned Parenthood in 2012

Already they are feeling the heat. A March 25 Komen race in Southern Arizona was short. Only 7,267 participated 33% short of their goal of 11,000. The event also failed to meet their fundraising goal of $700,000 by over $139,000.

Indiana expected to be short as well: Fewer sign up to race for the cure

Also see: Komen brand plummets from

Since its inclusion in the EquiTrend study in 2008, Komen has ranked among the top two “most equitable non-profit organization” in its category. This year it ranked No. 56 out of 79 non-profit brands, falling 54 spots from its No. 2 spot last year.


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Mikhen7, I'm glad that they're seeing the loss of support and I'll not give one cent to them or buy any product that gives a portion of the sale to them. They made a terrible choice when they reversed their recent decision to leave PP. I don't believe anything will turn them back again for they will then look even more fickle then they now do.

In my opinion, if the thought of also supporting an organization like Planned Parenthood is offensive to donors, but they still want to support research for new treatments for, and the prevention of, cancer, they should look elsewhere for a place to give support.

Thanks for the post.