Senate might approve Iron Dome’s replenishment next month


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Senate might approve Iron Dome’s replenishment next month
The House approved $1 billion to the defense system back in September, but the Senate is yet to schedule a vote.
Published: JANUARY 4, 2022

WASHINGTON - As the Senate returns to session, one major issue on top of the agenda for the pro-Israel community is the emergency funding for Iron Dome. In September, The US House of Representatives approved a stand-alone bill to provide Israel with $1 billion for replenishing the Iron Dome system. The vote passed with an overwhelming majority: 420 members voted in favor of the bill, and nine voted against it.

In the Senate, however, Republican Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky blocked several attempts to fast track the bill by unanimous consent. Paul said that while he supports the Iron Dome, he thinks “it should be paid for.”

“I think the American taxpayer dollars that pay for it should come from money that could go to the Taliban,” said Paul last October. He suggested taking the funds from some $6 billion that was designated for the Afghan government. “That money, I think, could be spent on the Taliban, if we do not rescind that money.