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Kinda sounds just like Romans 7. Re read that chapter. Just remember 7:25 and Praise Christ for what He is doing in you.

I remember several books by Von Daniken. I suppose he did well dollar wise.
Paul describes much of how I feel but his manner of saying so makes it harder to follow without multiple readings. He is speaking, at times in double and triple negatives when it could be communicated more straightforwardly with fewer words Imo. Maybe his original writings were translated thusly? In any case, I agree my struggles are echoed therein. Von Daniken was right in the things he discovered but his interpretations were misguided at best.


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Belief is important, but Abide is even more so. Like Faithe, Abide is an active word - a regular state of being.

Its the day to day exercising of what you believe. Saved is a state. Sanctification is a process. Both a work of the Holy Spirit in you.
These concepts are barely mentioned in many churches these days much less actually taught.


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Some of the things on your list are things I have tried but have trouble with and are part of what lead me here.
Fellowship With others, find a church. This has been a major issue for me. I have visited many churches all over the country. They don't teach The Bible. They teach that God is love but ignore that he is HOLY HOLY HOLY. Sin cannot abide in his presence; yet they teach that being a good person is enough; all we can do in this life.

Listen to good teachers. Where are they? The current crop teaches God as ATM or santa claus. The churches are ordaining homosexuals. How can that be Biblical? Where are the D.L. Moody's? Why are they putting up Christmas trees? Why are they painting eggs? Don't they recognize the paganism inherent in those and other practices?

Who is teaching Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God? Where can I find a church that teaches The Bible?

No. I am posting here because I can't find God in any Church I have tried. Honestly; I have felt more "fellowship" in this anonymous Website than in every physical "church" I have visited and that makes me sad. How does it make Jesus feel to know he is so misrepresented by His church? That thought makes me even more sad.
You are not going to find a perfect church. Maybe you are called to get involved in a church and help steer things in a better direction? I always found the bible studies and fellowships to be more beneficial. Corporate worship is important.

You can get your heavier teachings online like most of us here do. Everything is recorded and available on the internet.

I sense a downcast spirit from you regarding the state of many churches. Don't be upset about it. It is a sign of the times and we just have to make lemonade out of the lemons.

Also be sure to bring your concerns before the Lord in prayer. It took me a long time to realize that I could never change myself. The only thing I really had control over were my prayers. So I did just that and started praying for the Lord to work in me and change me into what He wanted. It was/is a slow process but it has been working and I know He has been doing it. This is sanctification. But it takes a willingness to let the Lord change you. God bless.
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Wanderingfreeman, there's some great spiritual guidance here. :nod. And, welcome to RF by the way.

Know this, you are in the firm grip of God's hands of grace as a believer Christ. God will be sure to grow you in the grace and knowledge of Christ and He desires relationship with you even more than you with Him (although that desire will grow in you more and more causing you to pursue Him more and more). So, as you follow the advice here, especially being in God's Word daily and prayerfully seeking understanding of His Word, God will gradually and steadily feed you, nourish you and grow you. It is being in His Word that develops relationship as His Word speaks directly to your situations, your heart, your questions and anything else on your heart and mind. In His Word Jesus Christ Himself becomes more and more clear and in focus and you will be more and more connected in fellowship to Him as He reveals aspects of Himself to you.

He will bless you abundently as your sincere desire to know Him more through His Word grows and you will at times be utterly amazed at how He reveals Himself, His love and His good plans for you.

If I may suggest, ask the Lord to bring you the right kind of Bible He desires for you and spiritual resources whether books, sermons, teachers etc. He'll provide faithfully. And above all, be in the Word more than any other book for it's excellent navigation for one's life and decisions. :)

God Bless and may the Lord work wonderfully through you in your service to Him. :pray :)


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I seem to rely on only one Bible. The King James Version. Some people complain that it is hard to understand. I don't get that. I feel right at home with it in a way that I don't with other versions.

One issue I seem to have is the advice offered about "Christian music". The new stuff that is out just turns me off in a major way with the notable exception Of 'Awesome God'. Aside from that, none of the new stuff speaks to me while Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace can bring me to tears. I need/want more like that. Any suggestions?

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One issue I seem to have is the advice offered about "Christian music". The new stuff that is out just turns me off in a major way with the notable exception Of 'Awesome God'. Aside from that, none of the new stuff speaks to me while Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace can bring me to tears. I need/want more like that. Any suggestions?
A long time ago I did many online searches on the old hymns, we have many saved, and we play them for hours , there is so much truth in the old hymns, they can be uplifting, tug at our heart strings, make us long for home, make us joyful, thankful, appreciative of what has been done for us by our blessed Savior and Or Fathers plans for us. You can find some sites that are free and you can listen for hours, hours of being blessed! Also picked up some very old hymnals at used book stores, and garage sales (where I got my bible) they are enjoyable to read and sing along in my head.