Second Islamic Jihad commander killed as Gaza fighting continues

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There was an article on Google News last night about one of the Palestinian Terror Groups saying this is going to lead to all out war with Israel. They are trying to bring together other Jihadists to attack Israel alongside them.

I'm sure Israel is hoping they do. Get them all in one place and it makes it easier to eliminate them. Sometimes the restraint Israel shows is mind blowing. I'm sure some of it is because they do not want to see their own people die, but I'm quite certain they are confident they can eliminate any army that comes against them. One thing that keeps the enemy at bay is the thought of the neutron bomb. I don't believe it's ever been proven one way or the other if Israel truly possesses it. I think they do though. Ezekiel mentions flesh literally melting away. Sounds like the Neutron Bomb to me...… It may be a reason the enemies of Israel never group together in one place too.