Sebastian Gorka Resigns from Trump Administration

Joseph The Carpenter

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who has served as deputy assistant to President Donald Trump since January, resigned from the White House administration on Friday evening.
“Given recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote in a letter addressed to the president. “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”


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The internal and external undermining of all things "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) will never cease during Trump's presidency. The leftists, Marxists, globalists, and anarchists want to get things back on the "let's make America weaker again" track. Since somewhat recovering from the major gut punch that was November 8, 2016, the enemy is marshaling his lying and deceiving minions against Trump's pro-Israel, pro-Christian, and anti-transgenders in the military in an effort to embarrass and render him unable to accomplish much of anything. Satan always loses. Even when he wins he loses because God is calling the shots and satan loses in the end. Gorka leaving the Trump administration is another troubling departure which seems to be a result of internal undermining. The questions is who is doing the undermining. Perhaps the real question is who in NOT doing the undermining.


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It's impossible to know what's really going on. I have concerns that President Trump is threatened harm to his family if he doesn't comply. It could be that his allies can do more to help him outside of Washington. I really don't know and the best thing is to continue praying.

Gorka did inform us that the MAGA agenda is being heavily assaulted, and he probably couldn't tell us that until he was out the door.


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I've listened to him for years, on Fox and he is often been a guest opinion on Canadian TV news discussing things. Always a clear grasp of reality and a good analysis. But if he is INSIDE the WH he has duct tape over his mouth, while OUTSIDE he can carry on with whatever he thinks should be said.

I don't like that he and Bannon were pushed out, edged out, whatever because that speaks to a toxic environment that the deep state types and globalists are hoping to keep in the White House, no matter who its coming from.

But both Bannon and Gorka are loud and clear talkers and thinkers, and their opinions will carry more weight outside the White House, and I think they may be right, they may be of more use outside the WH than inside, where a million bits of duct tape are slapped over their mouths.