Scientists release the first complete sequence of a human Y chromosome


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Scientists release the first complete sequence of a human Y chromosome
After decades of challenges, this elusive area has been fully sequenced, completing the set of end-to-end human chromosomes.

Males who feel they are misunderstood – by their wives or all women in the world – can now heave a sigh of relief. For decades, the Y chromosome – one of the two human sex chromosomes – has been notoriously challenging for the genomics community to sequence due to the complexity of its structure.

Now, this elusive area of the genome has been fully sequenced, an accomplishment that finally completes the set of end-to-end human chromosomes and adds 30 million new bases to the human genome reference – mostly from hard-to-sequence satellite DNA. These bases reveal 41 additional protein-coding genes and provide vital insight for those studying important questions related to reproduction, evolution, and population change.



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We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are the most incredibly complicated creation in the universe, created in the image of our creator.
Well said! Unfortunately, most of the world believes we evolved from a monkey. How anyone can look at the heavens and see the intricate beauty of nature and deny the Creator is beyond comprehension. Evolution is the most fraudulent theory ever invented.


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It is interesting! For years and years scientists have been saying that all our genetic codes but a few match with monkeys genetic codes. Now they are finding that what we thought was close is miles apart. The big difference is that now we have the science to really look at what makes up the codes.
Our inheritance is totally different than any other living creature on this planet!

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Praising my Savior all the day long!

And yet they have such a problem with boy vs girl...? :doh

Same dirt. Different assembly. One God.
Because thinking they are wise they become fools, and they do not want to acknowledge the Creator, they want to be the ones with all the answers and bloviate what they know(what they think they know) which in reality is very little compared to the God who created everything.