'Say what movie', 'Quote a line' for poster beneath you.


Soon and very soon ....
I put this here just for you and anewcreation
....just knew you would know it.

Another hint: (climbing over a fence)

"what did you say?"
"Yes you did"
"No I didnt"
"You said whoopsidaisies"
"No, I don't think so, Noone says whoopsidaisies"
"Noone has said whoopsidaisies in 50 years and even
then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets"

It's Mr Hugh Grant!

It's Miss Andie McDowell!

It's Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet!
(It's a shame the first ten minutes are full of expletives :( )

It can only be .....


:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bounciessorry @Andy C for ahem reusing your emoji idea ;)

Altogether now ....Scottish accent .....

"I feel it in mah fingers, I feel it in mah toeooooooooos....
The love that's all around me ....
An so the feeling growooooooooooos....."

Oh no
**runs to hide embarrassed in the corner**

Oooooooops is it Notting Hill????!!!

Ah well .....I blame Hugh Grant as he plays the same character in both, the embarrassed romantically challenged upper class Englishman!!!!!! Yes Hugh Grant ....I BLAME YOU!!!! Must say I don't move in upper class circles here so have never met a real life Hugh Grant so cannot comment on how romantically self consciously embarrassed upper class gentlemen may or may not behave - nor have I ever met Hugh himself!
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