Save the two-state solution, recognize Palestine, Abbas says


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Save the two-state solution, recognize Palestine, Abbas says
The UN annually marks Palestinian solidarity on the anniversary of the 1947 vote to partition territory under Resolution 181.
Published: NOVEMBER 29, 2021

The international community must recognize Palestinian statehood, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said as he urged the international community to save the peace process and prevent a one-state reality. “We call on all states that believe in a two-state solution and who have recognized Israel, to also recognize the state of Palestine,” he said in a speech that was read out on his behalf at the United Nations General Assembly by the PA’s envoy to that body, Riyad Mansour. He read Abbas’s speech at a special UNGA annual event to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which the UN has observed since 1977.

The date of November 29 was deliberately chosen for this event because it is the anniversary of the 1947 UN vote on Resolution 181 to partition territory that had been part of the British Mandate Palestine. The resolution allocated part of that territory for a Jewish state and the remainder for an Arab one. The Jewish people accepted the plan, but the Arabs rejected it and attacked the nascent Jewish state. For over four decades, however, the international community has transformed that anniversary into a global call for Palestinian statehood.