Saudi coalition strikes Houthis after drone attack on UAE


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Saudi coalition strikes Houthis after drone attack on UAE
Houthi targets in Sana'a were hit by Saudi-led coalition after a drone attack targeted Abu Dhabi.
Published: JANUARY 17, 2022

The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen targeted a number of sites belonging to the movement in Sana'a on Monday evening, after three people were killed and six others were injured in a drone attack by the Houthis on Abu Dhabi. The coalition stated that it targeted "terrorist leaders" north of Sanaa on Monday evening, adding that "the operational situation requires continued strikes in response to the threat," according to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The coalition announced that a "comprehensive deterrence operation" would be carried out to neutralize the Houthi threat, in response to the attack on the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It added that F-15 and F-16 fighter jets were preparing for joint operations, with terrorist leaders among the operation's priorities.

The coalition added that F-15's struck two ballistic missile launchers used in the Houthi attack on Monday. "Hostile attacks on civilians in the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] and the UAE will be held accountable," said the coalition. A total of 12 people were killed, including women and children, in the airstrike against Sana'a, according to reports by Al Masirah, a TV channel affiliated with the Houthis.