Sabotage at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility 3.0? - Analysis


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Sabotage at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility 3.0? - Analysis
Was Iran's Natanz nuclear facility just attacked for the third time in two years?
Published: DECEMBER 4, 2021

Did Israel's Mossad or someone just try to sabotage Iran's nuclear facilities at Natanz for the third time since July 2020? Reports were still hazy, but as of Saturday night the narratives varied from: Iran undertook a preplanned air defense drill unrelated to sabotage, it shot down an attack drone thwarting a sabotage attempt, electricity and internet were down for some unspecified part of Natanz - which could mean a sabotage attempt succeeded, but the Islamic Republic is still trying to cover it up.

Natanz was hit by physical explosive sabotage in July 2020 and again in April of this past year. The July 2020 attack was more successful and destroyed the vast majority of an above ground nuclear site. An April attack destroyed centrifuges and a variety of utilities of a newer underground site, but only fully delayed Iran's advanced centrifuge progress for about four months, while causing some longer-term slow downs.