Sa’ar threatens ‘consequences’ for wobbling coalition as backing for bill flounders


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Sa’ar threatens ‘consequences’ for wobbling coalition as backing for bill flounders
Struggling to pass key renewal of West Bank law, justice minister says government’s survival is ‘not a value in and of itself’; also bashes Netanyahu for acting ‘cynically’
By TOI staff
3 June 2022

Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar on Friday intensified his warnings that the coalition’s survival could be at stake if legislation to renew the application of Israeli civil and criminal law to West Bank settlers fails to pass. But Sa’ar also hit out at opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud for refusing to support the bill for political reasons. In a video call with supporters of his New Hope party, Sa’ar reiterated his demand for all parties in the struggling coalition to back the bill.

“If the coalition doesn’t get a grip on itself, there will be consequences. It really endangers the continued existence of the government,” he said. He added that New Hope wants a well-functioning government. “Survival is not a value in and of itself,” he said. His comments came days after the left-wing Meretz party pledged to back the bill, leaving the Islamist Ra’am as the only coalition holdout. Ra’am has remained tight-lipped about how it will vote on the bill, but generally opposes settlers being granted rights withheld from Palestinians.