Sa'ar: Netanyahu destroyed the right-wing bloc


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Sa'ar: Netanyahu destroyed the right-wing bloc
New Hope leader reiterates opposition to Netanyahu, says opposition leader made Ra'am kosher, instilled culture of incitement and slander.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Oct 28 , 2021
Gideon Sa'ar.

Justice Minister and New Hope chairman Gideon Sa'ar still believes that removing Benjamin Netanyahu from power was in the best interests of Israel's national security, claiming: "Netanyahu's ideology is only Netanyahu." In an interview with Yehuda Yifrach in Makor Rishon, Sa'ar said that "at this stage of his life, I see Netanyahu as a person who causes damage to Israel's most fundamental national interests. After the election, messengers from the Likud came to me. I told them that I would happily join a Likud-led government, but not with Netanyahu."

According to Sa'ar, only one person is to blame for the situation that the right-wing camp has found itself in, and that is Netanyahu himself. "If the current government is so terrible, why does he not move aside and allow the establishment of another one headed by another Likud member? Netanyahu's emissaries offered me to be the first in the rotation, I rejected it because I did not seek to be prime minister with six seats."