Sa’ar closes door on a new coalition led by Netanyahu


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Sa’ar closes door on a new coalition led by Netanyahu
Deals were offered to rebel MKs to quit * settler bill to return
Published: JUNE 7, 2022

Israel took a step toward its fifth election in three and a half years on Tuesday, when Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar ruled out the formation of a new government in the current Knesset led by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

No new coalition

Sa’ar declined to respond to questions last week on whether he would bring his New Hope Party into a Netanyahu-led government. But after opposition and rebel coalition MKs defeated the West Bank emergency bill, Sa’ar told the three prime-time newscasts that he could not let Netanyahu return to power. “My opposition to Netanyahu has strengthened,” Sa’ar said.

Without New Hope MKs, it would not be possible for Netanyahu to form a new government. If Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition continues to crumble, an election would be the only remaining alternative.

Political rebellion

Signaling a possible future rebellion, Yamina faction chairman Nir Orbach told rebel Ra’am (United Arab List) Party MK Mazen Ghanaim that the “experiment [with Ra’am] had failed.”