Russian war crimes part of strategy of 'genocide' - Ukrainian NGO to 'Post'


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Russian war crimes part of strategy of 'genocide' - Ukrainian NGO to 'Post'
In addition to the arrest of Ukrainian civilians, there have also been many reports of mass deportations of Ukrainians into Russia.
Published: MAY 5, 2022

The systemic nature and widespread acts of forced transfers of civilians, mass rapes, mass killings and detentions of Ukrainians indicate a Russian military strategy to achieve genocide, the Ukrainian human rights NGO ZMINA argued to The Jerusalem Post.

A strategy of "genocide"

"We argue that this is genocide," ZMINA project coordinator Nadia Dobrianska said of alleged Russian war crimes during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. She acknowledged it was as a big statement that required a lot of proof, “But that's how we see it, because what is going on is mass extermination of Ukrainians on a systemic scale by Russians." Dobrianska explained that the mass killing and destruction of civilian objects on the large scale that has been witnessed and alleged in Ukraine is not justifiable by achieving military objectives. The war crimes were being committed far too consistently to be soldiers acting out of line or seizing the opportunity.



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Putin is very surprised because he thought he would have won by now. This was not supposed to drag on this long. He was not supposed to have lost generals to bullets. He was supposed to be victorious by now and carried on the shoulders of the Russian people.
Instead Russia has no credit, many countries have initiated sanctions and I read Ukrayne now has more tanks.on the ground than Russia.
Is it possible God is involved with on the side of Ukrayne?