Russian space agency says hacking satellites is an act of war


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Russia will consider any cyberattacks targeting Russian satellite infrastructure an act of war, as the country's space agency director said in a TV interview.
Dmitry Rogozin, the current head of the Russian Roscosmos State Space Corporation, added that such attempts would also be considered crimes and investigated by Russia's law enforcement agencies.
"Because disabling the satellite group of any country is generally a casus belli (Latin for Occasion for War), that is, a reason to go to war. And we will be looking for those who organized it," Rogozin said on Rossiya 24 (VGTRK).
On Monday, Anonymous-linked Network Battalion 65 (NB65) claimed it hacked and shut down some Roscosmos servers.
Rogozin denied their claims saying the Russian space agency's activity control centers operate normally and called NB65 "scammers and petty swindlers."

But the Twitter post is here about the hack -


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Raping and then shooting Ukrainian women (now happening) is also a war crime. Putin is unconcerned about starting WWIII, and the sooner the West realizes that, the sooner we stop this atrocity in Ukraine.