Russian ambassador calls for bilateral talks between Israel and Iran

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Russian envoy says Israeli strikes in Syria 'intolerable and inadmissible'

Russia does not want an escalation between Iran and Israel and would like to see the two countries engage in bilateral talks, Russian ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov told i24NEWS in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

"Russia would like to reduce the tensions between Iran and Israel, and would rather this take place in direct negotiations between the two countries," Viktorov said, adding that the main threat to the region is "the existence of international terrorism, not the relations between Iran and Israel."

Viktorov spoke to i24NEWS just one day after Israel attacked a reported 38 targets inside Syrian territory killing 21 members of forces loyal to embattled Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, including 12 Iranian Revolutionary Guards soldiers, and destroying both Iranian and Syrian infrastructure.

According to the Israeli military, which took the unprecedented step of publicizing the raids as they were underway, the strikes were a direct response to the earlier firing of Iranian missiles toward Israel from inside Syrian territory.

Viktorov said that Israel's broadcasting of its strikes against Iran -- a break from its usual policy of ambiguity -- was a political move connected to the country's forthcoming April 9 elections in which incumbent Prime Minister (and defense minister) Benjamin Netanyahu will seek to bolster his security credentials as he campaigns for re-election.

"The Israeli ministry of defense now makes immediate comments on any strikes at a very, very high level -- and in our mind, this is very much connected to the election campaign," Viktorov said.

"Whether it’s harmful, or how it contributes to the safety of our Israel, it is not our place to comment," he added.


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They are trying to set up an excuse to respond to Israel directly. As in, Israel won't talk with Iran (and I doubt that Russia would start rapping Iran's knuckles at this date-- Russia will make out that it's all the fault of Israel for having the chutzpah to defend herself from Iran's lethal threats)

And that will be part of their excuse to deal directly with Israel such as "letting" Syria lob bombs at Israel as well as Iran. (cause they aren't "listening")