Russia watching closely after Turkish move on Syria safety zone

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MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Wednesday that Moscow was watching closely after Turkey said it would act alone on its plans to form a “safe zone” in the northeast of Syria, which is a close ally of Russia.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey had no choice but to act alone as too little progress had been made with the United States on forming a “safe zone”, his most direct indication of a cross-border offensive.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow that Turkey had the right to defend itself, but that Syria’s territorial integrity must be preserved.


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I believe it's way to soon for can't happen as long as Israel has that wall up..
While I, too, think that it is a bit too soon for Gog (I am still here, so the Rapture hasn't come.) I don't think a single wall is problematic for that prophesy. Seems to me that Israel will be at peace with its neighbors (including Hamas and Iran), in that time, possibly because of some "treaty" or deal made with some powerful entity.


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The prophecy says..unwalled villages..I knew when Isreal started building that wall that God had done the equivalent of putting a hold on the Gog won't happen till that wall comes down..I belive that will happen after the Ezekiel 35 and Psalms 83 war..I also believe the two are the same war...


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I think the situation in Syria will have a few more bumps in the road before Ez 38. One of which is going to be the destruction of Damascus as Isaiah 17 says (and elsewhere).

Whether one agrees with Bill Salus or not on the whole Psalm 83 scenario, there are intriguing hints that his idea of a war or two in the area BEFORE Ez 38, would set things up to fulfill the exact requirements of Ez 38.

I'm putting more weight on the Psalm 83 scenario, not because of Psalm 83-- because that could simply be an imprecatory Psalm but due to some OTHER related passages that indicate things like the sudden, overnight, complete and FINAL destruction of Damascus. While I've been away I've been looking at the related passages in Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Amos 1:3-5.

What has my eyebrows raised is the context of each of these passages, especially Jeremiah 49: 34-39 and Ez 32:17-32 which are twin passages dealing with the same groups at what looks to be the same time, and happening in context within the time frame of the destruction of Damascus.

Zechariah 9:1-8 also deals with the Damascus event, and it appears that Gaza and Lebanon are also destroyed in some way.

What I'm fascinated by right now is the way these passages are referencing the people that Bill Salus has in his Psalm 83 scenario. Jordan, Egypt, Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, Lebanon and Syria all seem to be involved along with Turkey. Russia even seems to have a part, yet these passages don't seem to fit the Ez 38 scenario.

I think we are seeing the positioning of a number of nations that oppose Israel in some way. Jordan for example may be at peace with Israel but they regularly use the WAQF to torment any Jews trying to worship God at the site of the Temple. And they routinely incite terrorism over in the so called West Bank which is known in Bible times as Judea and Samaria as well as The Mountains of Israel. When you hear that phrase in the Bible, especially in prophecy that is the area known as the West Bank.

Before Ez 38, the land of Israel must come back from some kind of war.Ez 38:8 is quite clear. back from some conflict-- and LIVING ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL-- so inhabiting the West Bank. Vs 11 is without walls and gates. That could be Betach, the sense of careless security, but it is a good point.

All that to say, I think things are setting up in the north of Syria to allow the Turks some foothold in the land of Syria so they can eventually join in with Iran and Russia in full accord against Israel in the invasion of Ez 38.

I think these near neighbor nations will have come up against Israel. Ez 32:26 has Meschech Tubal and all their hordes, which is in modern day Turkey meeting some disaster alongside Damascus in company with a number of other groups like Lebanon and Jordan as well as Egypt and the area of Iran known as Elam which is the South Western shores of the Persian Gulf area up into the mountains.

Long way of saying, I think we are going to see a number of interesting twists and turns in the area, and possibly one or more wars that fulfill these prophecies AND set the stage for these nations to decide that they need to invade Israel to recoup their losses, steal some of the wealth that Israel then possesses.

NONE of this has to precede the Rapture, that could occur at any point, but some of these look like they'd fit best before Ez 38 including Turkey.