Russia signs pact for six nuclear reactors on new site in India

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    Russian state-owned reactor manufacturer Rosatom said in a statement that the two countries want to build six Russian-design nuclear reactors on a new site in India, boost nuclear cooperation in third countries and new nuclear technologies and are considering building nuclear plants together.

    The firm said Russia would offer to build its third-generation VVER reactor on the new site and would increase the level of participation of Indian companies in the project.

    India has not chosen the new site yet, which could be controversial as the country has seen vehement protests against new nuclear sites.

    If confirmed, the agreement would be one of the biggest nuclear industry deals in recent years, and would bind the two countries for decades.
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    Well last I looked India wasn't in the short list of nations who complained or even commented on Russia invading Israel for spoil. That doesn't speak well for their alliances.
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