Russia sends 200 mercenaries to back Libyan strongman

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November 05, 2019, 02:54 PM

Russia has been stepping up its involvement in the Libyan conflict. It was reported on Tuesday, deploying some 200 mercenaries to back Khalifa Haftar, a warlord in control of the country's east.

The mercenaries are said to belong to the Wagner Group, a private military company (PMC) run by Evgeniy Prigozhin, an oligarch with close ties to Kremlin known in Russia as "Putin's cook".

Prigozhin is known as the official behind the Saint Petersburg "troll farm" that spread disinformation in 2016 presidential race in the US.

The PMC in question is also suspected of being active in eastern Ukraine, where Russia backs the separatist fighters, and in Syria, where it bolstered the Assad regime.

According to the newspaper, Russian support for the Libya's Haftar, who is waging a stalled assault on the country's UN-backed government, also included "coordinated missile strikes and precision-guided artillery."

Given that most fighting on the ground is done by poorly trained militias, even 200 professionals could tip the scales in Haftar's favor, the report warns.


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One giant leap forward for Gog/Magog prophecy watchers...Russia making this "known" is a very big deal!
Putin is saying Libya is can't touch this!
You GOT THAT RIGHT!!! My oh my this is HUGE! The Wagner group is the Elite of the fighting forces and they aren't bound by the Geneva convention, being a private mercenary army. There is another even more elite group but Wagner group handles a lot of Russia's "grabs" from the early destabilization of the opposition (and that has been going on a while in Libya) to the actual take over and restabilization.


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A month ago we saw this: It looked like something big was happening, and it is.

You might remember a year ago this thread here:

What we saw happen with the Russian takeover in the Crimean Peninsula which belonged to the Ukraine, and what we saw happen in Syria where Russian forces don't even bother with the facade of allowing Assad onstage with Putin, we are seeing happening in Libya and also the Sudan.


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While enjoying myself poking thru a google search on Wagner group I am bumping into Patriot and Shield. I remember reading about Patriot group last year, they are an even more elite sub group of mercenaries. According to what little I dug up, Prigozhin is now happily heading up the Patriot group and they are supposedly firming up support for Mother Russia's point of view amongst all Russian media sources. I'm sure they are, but there's a lot more to Patriot than propaganda enforcement.

Here's the BBC article, and WAY AT THE BOTTOM we find out this little quote:

"The oligarch's latest venture is similarly aligned with Mr Putin's agenda.

He is heading a new pro-Kremlin media group called Patriot. The group says it will counter "anti-Russia" media that "do not notice the good things that are happening in the country".

It brings together four news websites based in St Petersburg: RIA FAN news agency, Narodnye Novosti, Ekonomika Segodnya and Politika Segodnya.

Its combined audience is reckoned to be greater than that of state news agency Tass or pro-Kremlin broadcaster RT.

Mr Prigozhin said he was glad to head Patriot's board of trustees."

Margery here, I'll just bet he is glad to head Patriot's board.

And just as a side note this is why you cannot trust RT as a news source. It is a known propaganda arm of Russia.


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I’m so tired of reading and hearing “dis-information...” blah blah blah.
Guess what, we (in the US) don’t need to be told about those running for office. We get it right from the source. The Democrats HATE America. They want to abolish the right to bear arms (it’s in our Bill of Rights), they want to get rid of the Electoral College (it’s in our Constitution), they want to eliminate our borders and they want to replace capitalism with socialism/communism.
We don’t need any “disinformation” campaign by anyone. The idiots running for office are advertising these things.