Russia says West's sanctions create a 'problem' for Iran nuclear deal


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Russia says West's sanctions create a 'problem' for Iran nuclear deal
Russia demanded that its trade, investment and military cooperation with Iran would not be hindered by US sanctions.
Published: MARCH 5, 2022

Russia's demand for written guarantees from the United States that sanctions on Moscow would not damage its cooperation with Iran is "not constructive" for talks between Tehran and global powers to revive a 2015 nuclear deal, a senior Iranian official told Reuters on Saturday. "Russians had put this demand on table since two days ago. There is an understanding that by changing its position in Vienna talks Russia wants to secure its interests in other places. This move is not constructive for Vienna nuclear talks," said the official in Tehran.

Russia said on Saturday that Western sanctions imposed over the conflict in Ukraine had become a stumbling block for the Iran nuclear deal, warning that West that Russian national interests would have to be taken into account. Iran said on Saturday it had agreed on a roadmap with the UN nuclear watchdog to resolve all outstanding questions about the country's nuclear program by late June, a move seen as the latest push to revive Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal with global powers. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the sanctions on Russia had created a "problem" from Moscow's perspective.