Russia says new missile flies at 27 times the speed of sound and renders all defences useless

Discussion in 'Gog / Magog' started by endofdays, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. endofdays

    endofdays Well-Known Member

  2. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    First we try, than we trust.
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  3. lenraff

    lenraff Well-Known Member

    Our God is beyond time, Beat that!!!
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  4. maryrae

    maryrae Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Well, I read a comment about this on another site that has a ring of truth to it, and it was something like this- "Not even we (Americans) know what OUR government/military has."
    Russia better not boast too loudly. It only gets you into trouble, and..... spills the beans to the opponent's advantage, and your detriment.
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  5. Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven Well-Known Member

    Russian propaganda...
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  6. pixelpusher

    pixelpusher Well-Known Member

    If they ever try to use such against Israel, they will discover a Defense they did not anticipate. Perhaps it will do a loopty-loop and return to sender. Suggest propping the doors to the launch facility open with a clear path to a bunker before hitting the button.
  7. Luke12

    Luke12 Well-Known Member

    The speed of sound is 767 miles per 27 times that is 20,709 miles per hour.
    Maybe in outer space that is possible but not thru the atmosphere IMHO
  8. chaser

    chaser Well-Known Member

    That is a recipe for high friction and xtreme heat!
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  9. Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven Well-Known Member

    Thanks Luke 12
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  10. DanLMP

    DanLMP Well-Known Member

    I expect it is designed to spend some time in the vacuum of space before doing a reentry.

    It's 4862 miles from Moscow to DC. That leaves about 1/4 hour to react and you can only deal with it after it makes reentry.

    If all those things are true, it's a problem.
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  11. Luke12

    Luke12 Well-Known Member

    Yup......among many others....
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  12. Luke12

    Luke12 Well-Known Member

    Back in the 1950's when I was a kid and we lived in Springfield Pennsylvania the big thing that my dad wrestled with was whether or not we should have a bomb shelter for the Russian threat because it was all the talk. It was even on TV.
    Just amazing how long the Russian threat has been around. Add to that now NK and Iran......
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  13. billy swinea

    billy swinea Well-Known Member

    Not for ALMIGHTY GOD
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  14. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    that is how it reads to me. Plus this seems awfully timely to help deflect any critics of the missile defense system that Russia gave Syria that worked so badly as to allow the Israeli's a free open season on the newly delivered weapons shipments in Damascus from an Iranian flight.
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  15. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Now that looks an awful lot like the fire falling on the far coastlands and homelands of those invaders etc mentioned in Ezekiel.
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  16. Kem

    Kem Citizen

    I grew up in the mid 40s and 50s also and don't remember my folks ever speaking of the Russian threat but my sister and I knew about it and we decided to dig our own shelter in the back yard. lol we dug quite a large hole but nothing large enough in which a family could take shelter. No, our folks didn't care as we had 5 acres and it was quite a distance from the house.
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  17. Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers Imperfect but forgiven

    I don't know what will befall the USA aside from suffering through Tribulation with the rest of the world, but the downfall of Russia is made clear from the Bible. They will have little to boast of after Eze 38-39.
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  18. Spock

    Spock Well-Known Member

    Russia, as usual, is all bark, hoping to scare people to cower to them. When JFK stared down Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis, he became the docile little puppy dog instead of the big bad bear.

    Besides, like several of you have mentioned, these missiles vs. God on the battlefield (mountains) in Israel.....I’m putting my money on God.
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  19. SumSam

    SumSam Member

    To be fair, the world got to know only decades later that Khrushchev did get what he wanted, when as a quid pro quo, the United States withdrew the Jupiter missiles from Izmir on the Turkish border with the Soviet Union. From that location, they could have reached Moscow in five minutes.

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