Russia says Finland, Sweden could face consequences if countries move to join NATO


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So, basically Finland and Sweden can stay it alone to please Russia and all they have to do is look at Ukraine to see how that plays out. :doh

If they were to join NATO, they would at least have the alliance's military and political powers behind them. I think it would be smart for them to join, but they might need to just hold out a little bit until the dust settles here. But that of course depends on what happens on the ground. I don't think Finland and Sweden would want to draw attention to Putin right now. But they need to have a "eyes wide open" moment right now as to what happens when you are NOT in NATO.

Although, this issue with Ukraine is kind of a "Russia" issue in that Ukraine used to be part of Russia. I'm sure folks like Putin and many of his leaders long for the old USSR.

I would tend to think Putin is smart enough not to go against NATO. There are reports that the Russian army is fighting with substandard equipment and stuff like that. They are saying they are underfunded, etc. Putin is not going to be able to hold down the land he takes with substandard equipment.

Word is not out that Germany will not support removing Russia from SWIFT so this may happen soon.

The Russian families of soldiers are now speaking out and many of the soldiers say they don't know why they are there, etc.

There were comments that people were worried that Russia might start getting desperate. I think we can see that with the fact that it looks like Belarus might join the conflict. :doh

Keep watching and keep praying. :pray


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It seems Putin is threatening anyone and everyone around the globe.
Even his own people disagree with what he is doing........ and are being arrested for it.
They are demonstrating in St. Petersburg, and laying down their arms and surrendering in the Ukraine.
They are stepping back from governmental jobs in Russia....... and stating their disgust.
It will be interesting to see where all of this goes from here.


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It started with the President of Finland, then the President of France saying Putin is not in his right mind, not stable. Now all the media is repeating it.
NATO is supplying the weapons that are killing Russian troops. I would bet Putin considers that an act of war.
Is it just a coincidence that as soon as covid is over the war starts.

Heard that the Russians also got a hold of some of NATO's weapons.


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I have heard the Putin stability idea too.

I wonder if Putin's brain is being molded into what will be necessary for him to be Gog?

Many have noted that something has changed. Probably in his mind it's payback time for what he sees as the West imposing their values and trampling on Russian way of life. Which is ironic because his Scythian ancestors were barbaric and enlarged Russia by pillaging and subjugating villages and tribes. Look up his February 24th speech, he sounded a very bitter man.