Russia Navy concerned vital supply ships vulnerable to Ukraine attack -UK


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Russia Navy concerned vital supply ships vulnerable to Ukraine attack - UK
After an attack on the Russian Novorssiysk port, allegedly by Ukrainian naval drones, the Black Sea Fleet is concerned about the ships from Sevastapol.
Published: NOVEMBER 22, 2022

Russian naval commanders are likely concerned about its vital amphibious landing ships being vulnerable to Ukrainian attack after the Russian port that much of the Black Sea Fleet relocated to was attacked, the United Kingdom Defense Ministry said in a Tuesday intelligence update.

According to the UK Defense Ministry, after the Russian Sevastopol naval base in Crimea was struck by Ukraine, the Russian Black Sea Fleet moved many of its submarines and other vessels to Novorssiysk, a Russian port city just east of the disputed peninsula. However, conflicting Russian and Ukrainian media reports told of an attack against a Novorssiysk oil terminal. The fleet base is close to this terminal, the intelligence update said.



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I hate it when people worry. Simple solution:
Surrender to Ukraine, have the UN announce that Russia is stopping the war for humanitarian purposes, and award Putin the Nobel Peace Prize.


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What did they expect when they invaded the Ukraine???????
Did they not expect there would be retaliation?????????
Leave Ukraine alone and maybe you won't have to worry.........