Russia lands nuclear bombers in Africa as Putin hosts continent's leaders

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SOCHI/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia landed two nuclear-capable bombers in South Africa on a training mission on Wednesday, a flight apparently timed to coincide with President Vladimir Putin’s opening of a flagship Russia-Africa summit designed to increase Russian influence.

The two Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers touched down at Waterkloof air force base in Tshwane on Wednesday, the South African National Defence Force said. Russia’s Ministry of Defence has said the mission is designed to nurture military ties with South Africa.

Speaking before dozens of African heads of state at a two-day summit in the southern Russian city of Sochi, Putin called for trade with African countries to double over the next four to five years and said Moscow had written off African debts to the tune of over $20 billion.

The prize is greater political clout on a continent with 54 United Nations member states, vast mineral wealth and potentially lucrative markets for Russian-manufactured weapons.

But Russia is starting from a low base. Although it has enjoyed considerable success selling arms to African countries, Moscow lags far behind competitors in trade terms.

Russia says its trade with African countries rose to $20 billion last year, but it did not rank among the continent’s top five largest partners for trade in goods, according to Eurostat.

That list was topped by the European Union, followed by China, India, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

As it noted the arrival of Russia’s warplanes, the South African National Defence Force praised what it said were strong diplomatic links between the countries.

U.S. officials have vowed to counter what they see as Moscow’s growing political and economic clout in Africa as well as that of China, which has long had a large economic presence there and began its own series of Africa summits in 2006.

Russia and Niger signed a deal to supply 12 Russian-made Mi-35 attack helicopters to Niger, RIA news agency cited a senior official at Russia’s federal military-technical cooperation service as saying on Wednesday.

Russia’s largest lender Sberbank and its state financial institutions agreed to support trade finance between Russia and African countries with an agreement worth $5 billion.

Russia’s state nuclear company Rosatom is in talks with Ethiopia to build a nuclear power station there, Interfax quoted the Russian company as saying.

On Monday, Putin accused former colonial powers in the West of intimidating African countries to exploit the continent’s resources. “We see how an array of Western countries are resorting to pressure, intimidation and blackmail of sovereign African governments,” Putin told TASS news agency.


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I wonder how the 10 zones will work though. Russia has ties to many African Nations now. Will they relinquish the relationships they are currently building, or will those still be allowed? I also wonder what Putin has to gain from these alliances? I suppose they would think he's the greatest man alive if he is giving them money or food?
I don't think Russia will have influence left after the Ez 38 situation. But these African nations will be up for grabs to the world's elite leaders. The Africans will be used to the situation, so it'll be an easy takeover by the New World Order that arises after Ez 38.

With Russia and militant Islam out of the way after God deals with them in Ez 38, and a weakened America/Britain/etc this paves the way for the globalists New World Order. They've had their 10 zones planned since the Club of Rome in the 1950's I think it was.

I suspect the plans are all drawn up, waiting for an opportune moment (never waste a good crisis said Rahm Emmanuel) to swoop in and get going.


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It's very slowly heating up. There's something interesting to note. Notice how people in the USA who want to take over are losing their self control and say stupid things? At the same time the nations over there are losing self restraint as well. It shows that there is a worldwide assault being staged in the US and on Israel. The enemy is stepping up his game. At the right point, they will get to where they don't care anymore and decide to raid the Holy Land. Here in the US, people don't care to proclaim and take actions that are outlandish and do so shamelessly. There's no hiding intent anymore. it's all coming to the surface.