Russia is facing more problems after it's latest nuclear disaster. Expensive problems. And chaos rules the motherland!


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This is a quick recap posted yesterday by abc news

Russia had an MAJOR nuclear accident on Friday the 9th of August, 2019, which they only began to acknowledge on Sunday the 11th. This is near Arkhangelsk very far away from the disaster in July, but all on Russia's Arctic coastline. Much further into Russian territory, on the White Sea. It is still not clear how much radiation, or even what Moscow is planning to do for cleanup and containment.

Remember they just had another undersea disaster, on July 1, 2019 and towed a crippled special type of Submarine back to home port in Severomorsk-- home of the North Fleet, with dead sailors on board that had some kind of nuclear accident underwater. That is near Murmansk. It is extremely close to Finland and next door to Norway's arctic coastline on the Murmansk. This thread discussed it

That one in July was bad enough.

But this is worse yet. It's spewing radiation above ground, or it was. This is more widespread in it's potential to harm the surrounding area and people.

This explosion happened because Putin is pressuring his military research and development people to make bigger badder weapons to threaten the States with. But without the safety precautions that we in the West are used to. The blast blew the initial 7 victims into the sea. According to Russian news sources, only 2 of the victims were military, the others were nuclear technical specialists of some sort, which surprised the locals because nothing "nuclear" was supposed to be happening.

I broke my usual rule of never watching MSNBC or Rachel Maddow but it came up in our YouTube feed, and it was on the collateral damage to the medical team. There was NO contingency plan for any nuclear accident in spite of the hospital nearby being used to treat survivors. The medical team, and many of the other surrounding workers at that hospital have now been rushed to Moscow for treatment of their own. Leaving the locals in the lurch.

Of course since Moscow had always assured everyone that no nuclear stuff was going on, including several days after the initial explosion, there's a lot of angry peasants who aren't particularly happy to see reports of more "heroes to the motherland" dying of nuclear stuff, and even more in the wings if the rescue personnel and medical teams are affected badly.

And the locals from several towns and a city are being given conflicting stories by the authorities, none of which is making any of them feel better. There was a run on iodine tablets which protect the thyroid from uptake of nuclear isotopes and resulting cancer risk, but those supplies ran out, and since Moscow is in denial, or chaos mode, take your pick, the locals are likely to be the next heroes of the motherland suffering, hopefully not dying for the joy of being Russian.

Now onto what exploded, because the missile in question was used by Putin to threaten America. When he discussed it in June, he apparently used a little video showing how it could explode in Florida on the heads of all Floridians. Nasty little video. Time reported it, and the excerpt from that article went like this: "Indeed, for nuclear experts and negotiators, there was a sense that this particular accident had been waiting to happen. Putin had promised the world a new type of nuclear missile during his state of the nation address last year, a pledge he illustrated with an animation of a rocket landing with a bang in Florida. But the types of weapons he was bragging about—from nuclear-armed cruise missiles to underwater drones packed with radioactive materials — are notoriously difficult and dangerous to build."

The Time's article puts a spin on the arms race that is more of an opinion piece but here and there they actually report some of the news. Just take them with a grain of salt when they make it sound like Trump and Bolton are vaguely to blame for Russia going after improved weapons.

Keep it firmly in mind that Putin's entire career trajectory is based on bringing Russia back into world power and ability to dominate. It has NEVER been a knee jerk reaction to outside influence. His backers, and his own speeches over the years are quite clear this was where he was going.

IT was BECAUSE of Russian R&D in weapons, (that ALREADY WERE VIOLATING the INF treaty) that Trump pulled out of the INF.

Russia had already broken the agreement. There was no further point in sticking to the INF and becoming weaker compared to Russia. TIME magazine of course left that part out and presented Putin's argument that he only started this because Trump pulled out of the INF.

Here's a quote from ABC news from that article I linked above and it's a bit more news focused:
What exploded?

U.S. officials and most experts believe the test was on a nuclear-powered cruise missile, called the SSC-X-9 Skyfall by NATO and the Burevestnik (Storm Petrel) by Russia.

Russian officials have said only that a rocket propulsion engine using nuclear materials exploded during a test. They have not officially confirmed it was the missile that U.S. officials believe likely exploded but have not disputed it was.

The explosion happened on a military missile test range and was carried out by engineers from Russia’s Federal Nuclear Center, under the state atomic agency Rosatom.

Putin has touted the missile as having almost “unlimited” range and it is a centerpiece of a new generation of nuclear weapons that he has been saber-rattling at the West in an attempt to look tough at home and force the U.S. to negotiate with him on arms control abroad.

The missile is believed to be a ramjet, which propels itself by sucking air in, heating it and pushing it out behind it. To heat the air constantly, the missile would carry essentially a miniature nuclear reactor. Outside experts though are skleptical that Russia is close to getting the missile operational. The U.S. tried to develop similar missiles in the 1960s but abandoned the idea as impracticable.

At least 5 nuclear engineers were killed in the blast, while three more suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to Russia’s nuclear agency.

Two more defense personnel were reported killed.

The dead engineers have been hailed as heroes serving the Motherland by officials and will receive posthumous state medals.

I'm betting that will have to comfort their surviving families. Because Russia isn't big on taking care of it's heroes families.

All that aside, this is bound to backfire on Putin in the financial realm. His economy which is based on higher oil prices is struggling (remember he pulls oil out of cold ground which is far more expensive than America or the Middle East can pump it out)

It means more and more financial incentive for Putin to act quickly to turn things around.

And from where I sit, that is definitely incentive to go into other countries and steal anything that isn't nailed down. Like Ezekiel mentioned.
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Russia is on the ropes financially with cash in short supply and no credit. Every military failure puts them a little further in the hole.
One thing to watch on this topic is coverage by the MSM.
If the US had a similar failure the outcry would be 24-7-365. My guess is this will be handled as a 4th class news story cuz it was Russia.


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Russia is on the ropes financially with cash in short supply and no credit. Every military failure puts them a little further in the hole.
One thing to watch on this topic is coverage by the MSM.
If the US had a similar failure the outcry would be 24-7-365. My guess is this will be handled as a 4th class news story cuz it was Russia.
And you are so RIGHT!

The news media is a leftist propaganda instrument whether they know it or not, so they spin things and they don't want people waking up and saying HEY, if communism and socialism are so great, and loving for the people, why does Russia have such LOUSY safety violations so routinely that kill their sailors, their nuclear specialists, their civilians, their medics????

Or hey, if communism and socialism are so comfortable and safe, why does this happen?

Or hey if capitalist greed is so awful, how come capitalist countries have better safety records?


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Waiting for Putin to invade or confiscate foreign country or its valubles. Ukrane or crimea, serb areas. Or kurds. Somehow Putin is going to squash the uprising in his own country, while invade or skirmish with another country. He will also sign more treaties with other countries too. Like Turkey, Iran, even China.


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Isn't it amazing that we are not hearing anything about this accident and leakage????? It will be interesting to see the outcome of all of this.
But, I expect it to be kept Russia as well as by the mainstream media.