Russia fired at IDF jets for the first time in Syria.


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We will need to keep an eye on this. Pretty big news, and very likely due to Israel's support of Ukraine.


Report: Russia fired at Israeli planes in Syria for first time
i24NEWSMay 16, 2022

Russian air defense battery responded to Israeli attack on Friday, launching several missiles Russia for the first time fired at Israeli planes in Syria, Channel 13 reported on Monday, citing "foreign publications."

After hundreds of aerial attacks on targets in Syria by Israeli forces, an air defense battery operated by the Russian military on Friday responded to a wave of Israel Air Force planes attacking targets in the western part of the country.

Russia controls Syrian airspace and has extensive military presence in the war-torn country that shares a border with northern Israel.

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Report: Russians fire on IAF craft in Syria for the 1st time
S-300 battery, which can only be operated by Russian officers, reportedly launches missile at IAF planes operating in Syria.
Israel National News

Air defense systems operated by Russian officers opened fire at Israeli aircraft operating in Syria for the first time, Channel 13 News reported. The alleged incident occurred on Friday, when IAF aircraft carried out an operation in western Syria. The Syrians activated their air defense systems, which missed the Israeli planes. As the planes turned back towards Israel, the Russian S-300 systems were activated and launched.

Russia has supplied Syria with four S-300 batteries. However, only Russian officers are able to operate the batteries. According to the report, while a missile was fired from the S-300 battery, the missile did not achieve a radar lock on any of the Israeli aircraft and did not pose a threat. All aircraft returned to Israel safely.