Russia conducts nuclear attack response drill


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Russia conducts nuclear attack response drill
Moscow rehearses drill responding to nuclear strike with subs, planes and missiles.
Israel National News
Oct 26, 2022

Russia conducted a rehearsal of its response to a nuclear attack on Wednesday. The drill involved strategic bombers, nuclear submarines and ballistic missiles, Reuters reported. The exercise, which is conducted annually using simulated launches to test Russia’s nuclear capabilities and as a show of strength, came after Russia alleged this week that Ukraine planned to use a “dirty bomb.” Russian President Vladimir Putin observed the exercise from a remote location.



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Wow....ok then.
This is all so fascinating and yet concerning at the same time.
God is in charge, the timing is in His control. If the Russians do manage to light off a nuclear device of any type, it will allow things to move ahead towards the Gog Magog invasion whenever that takes place.

I think there is a possibilty this is a reason why only Tarshish and her cubs plus Sheba and Dedan question Russia's motives while the rest of the world watches in silence as the Russian coalition of nations attacks Israel. Scared to do anything else to upset Russia and draw fire. Even Tarshish and company only manage a question about Russia's motives. No real criticism, no defending Israel.

I doubt anything Russia does will set off a world wide chain reaction-- the world is still here, and people are still functioning as normal when the Rapture takes place. Buying, selling, marrying, etc. The Rapture is a surprise-- a thief in the night that Paul says won't take us by surprise. But the world isn't expecting it. Peace Peace, then sudden destruction.

That isn't the plan according to the globalists who have been trying to create a global crisis for decades. Just like when Hilary was sure she won and woke up to find Trump trumped her but good. Surprise!!!

Even 6 years ago that wasn't a taking back of Washington for the forces of good that people may have hoped. Trump was there for a reason and a season by God's design and ended up speeding things along (from my perspective) prophetically. Yes I know that God didn't "speed up" but from the human perspective it went by in a hurry and things have sure changed from 6 years ago. God put him in place to move things forward in Israel's prophetic time clock, not to restore America.

I find it interesting all this going ahead on the eve of the Israeli election (Nov1) and the American midterms (Nov 8).