Russia, China and the Globalists


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Ok I've got several problems with this article. Jan none of my criticism is aimed at you.

There is so much of this type of article being put out there, and uncritically released by a number of news sites who probably aren't even aware that they are disseminating propaganda talking points from Russia.

Russia knows the fear in the west of govt elites in the power circles in Washington DC and plays on that.

Some is correct, but like the best lies, it comes with some truth to make it easy to swallow.

Russophobia as he calls it was at an all time low when Obama mocked other presidential candidates (Palin & the one from Utah with the Mormon magic underwear-- can't recall his name right now) for their concerns about Russia. But this was the era when Putin's new war doctrine was being implemented and he was moving into the Middle East, plus Africa and he was carefully working on an alternate currency to replace the US Petrodollar. He grabbed the Crimea while Obama wasn't paying attention.

Of course the author doesn't seem to mention any of that. Especially considering that Putin is in the same struggle for domination of the planet, but somehow he is exempt from criticism!

Then this oversimplification here about China and Russia. The elephant in the room is that Russia and China are also governed by an overlord system-- one which doesn't even pretend to care about human rights. That alliance is necessity alright, but it's one that they planned and coordinated thru the Shanghai Cooperative Organization or SCO which is a counterpart of NATO with the added bit of replacing the US Petrodollar with an alternate currency. I think the WEF might actually be in cahoots with the SCO to bring about a collapse of the dollar as a world reserve currency but they have different end games in view. Neither are good.

And another egregious error. President Reagan's Star Wars program outspent the Soviet Union and THAT was what bankrupted the former USSR. The military industrial complex benefited from the spending on Star Wars but it was Reagan's decision. The presidents that followed didn 't seem to understand the advantage they had, and they blew it, allowing the former KGB to regain power and control over the finances in Russia. Rather than American's evil plotting to benefit from Russia (which would have helped them back up in the same way as America helped Germany recover after WW2), they just let Russia struggle and the KGB quickly took control over assets and allocated them to their friends and colleagues.

That handful of future Oligarchs came out of the former KGB!

They were NOT carefully selected by Americans, they were selected by the same cabal in the former KGB that put Putin in power!!!! This author is on crack or something!


Yeltsin was a lame duck, and yes, he may well have been one of Bill Clinton's puppets, but the real power shifts were happening within the KGB (former) and would work undercover for a few years there.

THIS is PUREST Putin Propaganda. It is the current talking points. Almost word for word stuff I've read as press releases from Russian news sources. Full of spin. The bit about kicking out Soros is true, and so is the bit about building more Russian Orthodox churches. Putin is using the Russian Orthodox church as a tool to consolidate power and bring Tsarist Russia back with him as Tsar! You should see what the RO church says about him -- best thing since sliced bread and then some.

I can't seem to add in the last bit under "Moving Forward" but I already tried to explain that yes they are trying to replace the dollar system, but it's not because the American dollar is such a bad thing, it's because it's too hard for these countries to manipulate it. They want their own currency so they can bring the world under the domination of the SCO mentioned above, and then duke it out between themselves as to who gets to be the big boss.

Finally his recap of the fall of the Tsars and the rise of Communist Russia is revisionist history. The problem is that most people don't read history, and it isn't taught properly and truthfully in schools so people can't catch a lie and disprove it.

Yes some of it happened as he said, but then he puts spin on it, and adds information that I would call outright lies and disinformation.

Beautiful piece of current Russian propaganda. Enough truth to swallow the lies in one gulp.
THANK YOU....I ALWAYS value these types of posts so much, as you guys are so committed to Truth in these last days!

Just like all history, we are fed what is most expedient for "the Powers that be", and now, more than ever before, it is for deception (I think to finish the destruction of what is, and move us to "what will be"--in their eyes. But, they will get some surprises, that's for sure, when the Church and Restrainer are taken out of the way)...Christ warned us not to be deceived, and I think it is just ramping up everywhere.

Thank you, both that you, and our other brothers and sisters here, try to learn and read through the wisdom of the Scripture first.

I love you all....I can't wait to see you all soon! In Christ, the Only Wise Lord!


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I really enjoy getting to sit down and dig deep with you Jan, we see eye to eye on so much and even where we have different opinions, I always find myself digging deeper when you make me think hard about why I think the way I do on something. Appreciate you very much. Wish we were closer in real life.
Thank you, the feeling is mutual! I like the way you think.