Russia and Iran move towards full-scale defense partnership


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Dec. 12—On Friday there was a very dramatic assessment from US National Security Council spokesperson Admiral John Kirby that military ties between Russia and Iran are developing into, “a full-scale defense partnership.” The background is Russia’s desperate needs in its war against Ukraine but the political and geographical context is much broader.

Kirby said, “Let’s be clear. From this partnership a threat has been developing not only against Ukraine but also against Iran’s neighbors.” The US had shared this information with its allies in the Middle East and beyond, he added.

Signs of how Iran and Russia were moving closer have been seen for several months. Iran made up Russia’s shortage of drones, which have been instrumental in destroying Ukraine’s energy and water infrastructure. Use of drones decreased last month, because the stock had been depleted. But in the last two days, Iranian drones are reappearing in the skies of Ukraine. The government in Kyiv says that between Friday and Saturday they cut off the electricity supply to the entire region of Odessa, Ukraine’s main port on the Black Sea. 1.5 million Ukrainians have been left in the dark and cold as night temperatures in Odessa hover near zero.


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It's always fascinating to see Bible prophecy in the process of being fulfilled. More chess pieces on the board moving into their final positions.
It is mind boggling to see all of what was written 1900 years ago coming to pass! If seeing all of these prophecies unravel before our very eyes does not reinforce our faith that the Bible is the absolute truth then I don't know what else would.


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The Times of Israel reports that Iran will raze Tel Aviv if Israel destroys their nuclear sites. Feels like the picture of how the Magog invasion takes place is becoming clearer by the day. I'm thinking that once Ukraine is subjugated, Russia will turn towards Syria to end the conflict there once and for all. At that time, Iran will be pushing for control in Syria and setting up terror launching points there. Israel obviously won't be cool with that, and will seek to prevent the missile sites from being armed with nukes, and will destroy Iran's weapons manufacturing ability. Iran will therefore launch a ground invasion, dragging Russia along, fresh off their conquest of Syria. And while they are trudging along through the West Bank, Iran will launch its missiles from its sites in Syria, potentially nuclear. At that time, God will put a stop to it, swatting the missiles from the sky, disabling Russia's tanks, and utterly destroying the advancing armies. Perhaps the nuclear tipped missiles will be used to fuel Israel's nuclear reactors for 7 years, or perhaps the fuel from the tanks and resupply vehicles will be the fuel that they burn, or even the wooden stocks of the AKs.

However, geopolitically, it looks like these events are still at least a year away, but that's still closer than it has ever looked!


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We punish bad decisions then redefine evil and reject good.

No wonder good people do not want to serve in government or are quickly corrupted.

Sadly only war removes such evil, and if there is not enough good to fill the void afterward, you get tyranny.

The future of the Great Experiment is not too bright right now. But then it is dependent on good which only comes from God.

Mark 10:18
“Why do you call Me good?” Jesus asked him. “No one is good but One — God.


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Just a guess, the destruction of Iran’s nuclear program by Israel ….could be the “hook in the Jaw”
If that’s the case, it could happen any day now.
This would be the perfect pretense for Iran to invade Israel. Will the Gog/Magog invasion be pre-rapture or post rapture? I would like to see the hand of God protecting Israel from the invading armies, but something tells me this will happen after we are gone. In fact, with the world in chaos after the Rapture this might be a more opportune time to invade Israel. For certain the destruction of their nuclear program will definitely give them a reason now or later for an attack.