Russia accuses United States of inciting Ukraine to escalate the war


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Russia accuses United States of inciting Ukraine to escalate the war
Crimea, which includes the port of Sevastopol where Russia's Black Sea Fleet is based, is seen by diplomats as the war's biggest potential flashpoint.
Published: FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Russia on Friday accused the United States of inciting Ukraine to escalate the war by condoning attacks on Crimea, warning that Washington was now directly involved in the conflict because "crazy people" had dreams of defeating Russia.

Moscow was responding to comments by US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who said the United States considers that Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, should be demilitarized at a minimum and that Washington supports Ukrainian attacks on military targets on the peninsula.

"Now the American warmongers have gone even further: They incite the Kyiv regime to further escalate the war," Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, told reporters when asked about Nuland's remarks.


Joseph The Carpenter

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NATO was constructed as a defensive group to offset the Soviet Union.
When the Soviet Union fell apart NATO promised it would not expand.
NATO then expanded.
In 2014 Russia moved into the Russian speaking areas after constant shelling.
Ukraine signed the Minsk accord promising they would not attack.
It has been leaked that it was just a stalling tactic to build up an army.
So yes NATO is the antagonist.
In my opinion the one world government in Davos wants Russia for their minerals. Also Putin does not want to join their club.


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Russia is preparing for a thirty month war with NATO.
Putin is giving a speech on the 21st
Biden will be giving one on the 22nd.
America is not only supplying weapons and blowing up pipelines they are doing all the targeting of the missiles.
Frankly I'm surprised Putin has not done anything yet.
And NO ONE will listen to the fake president on 22nd!


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Yes, but some folks seem to believe its the USA fault…… :oops:
They're certainly not helping but I don't get people acting like Putin was in the right for invading. I ultimately don't care what's going on over there because there are too many lies to really know who is doing what or saying. It's their problem and not worth invoking WW3 over. I have heard some accounts from missionaries that the Russians are doing atrocities and I know enough Ukrainians to know that no, they don't actually like Russia nor want them there. However, fomenting hatred against all Russians is just as terrible. My parents have a neighbour who put up a sign that read "Russian mothers love their children too". They're still human and we can't blame the people for their leaders.

NATO has every right to strengthen their own borders and Russia can strengthen theirs. Everybody just stay on their side of the line and stop with the threats and attacks by proxy.

Though honestly, I feel like people have been crying "World War 3 is about to start!" since the end of World War 2. Do we even have the manufacturing capability to keep up with the demand for ammo should a major war go 'hot'? The fear of world war is lucrative enough and the real fighting will be done with political and economic "battles". And if I get nuked....well....that's one way to get caught up in the air.


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Regarding Biden, let us pray:

Psalm 109:8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
Remember, the devil ya know is better than the one you've never met. So, when praying this prayer, let's be specific and ask for a bold, unafraid, strong, Spirit filled Godly man who will turn this country around.


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I don't have a dog in this fight between these two corrupt governments (Ukraine & Russia). Up until the last couple of days I acknowledged that Ukraine could legitimately argue that Russia is the agressor since they are the ones that have been invaded, however this week's proclamation by Ukraine that they will park tanks in Red Square (Moscow) clearly indicates agression by Ukraine (Red Square has never been Ukrainian territory whereas Ukraine has been part of Russia in times past).
Ukraine Tanks in Red Square is the goal

Joseph The Carpenter

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Ukraine tanks in Red Square
That sounds to me like Russia is defeated and Putin killed.
Biden says America is in this until the end.
How do you defeat a nuclear power and kill their President?
Why is no one asking Biden what is the end game ?
Russia and China will be around in the Tribulation not America.