RR Radio show for 4-14-2017 on Daystar and TBN and God TV and...


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radio show on the new TBN

and its competitors like God TV and Daystar and...


also mentioned on the show is

Matthew Crouch

Benny Hinn (who is a False Prophet)

Dr David Reagan (who used to be on TBN and was sacked for being a Pre-Tribber

Kenneth Copeland and Steve Munsey and Larry Huch (WOF peddling "preachers"
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also mentioned on Jackie 's show is

Greg Laurie
Jay Sekulow

Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC

Priscilla Shirer (a WOF teacher and actress from the film WAR ROOM

Franklin Graham
JJ Dalton
Christine Caine

Robert Morris
Max Lucado

Lisa Bevere
Kari Jobe

William Paul Young (author of the Shack book/film

Andrew Wommack

Jonathan Cahn
Perry Stone
Joel Richardson

Louie Giglio
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God TV is the UK tv station owned by Wendy Alec

Daystar tv is owned by Marcus and Joni Lamb


mentioned in Daystar review part of the show is

the late John Paul Jackson 's Dreams and Mysteries tv show

Rod Parsley

Charles Capps

David Reagan

Creflo Dollar

Irvin Baxter

Sid Roth

Jerry Savelle

Jesse Duplantis

Jack Van Impe

Charles Stanley

Larry Huch

Mark Chironna

Hal Lindsey

Marilyn Hickey

David Jeremiah

mentioned in God TV review part of the show

John Ankerberg

ALPHA course runned by Nicky Gumbel

Benny Hinn

Bill Johnson of the Bethel Redding movement

John Arnott

Creflo Dollar

Cindy Jacobs

Mike Bickle of IHOP

John Hagee

Matt Sorger of the NAR movement

Patricia King

Roberts Liardon

Sid Roth
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HEY BF God TV got drop by Frontier communication replace with UP TV network which it good network they play Heartland and others stuff



I just hear radio broadcast BF I was wonder what happen to that building I do remember Christmas they got all deck out back in da day you could see on 405 Freeway


Mark my words I think person that told Jackie about TBN may be soon to be gate way where NAR preachers would preach to Oprah type of new agey Christiniy that could siginal Anti Christ I get the feeling Matt Crouch one of those days going sell TBN major network porbably like Fox or ABC like Freedom and Family channel with Pat Roberrtson did with CBN

Mike Evans

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You probably need a 5 hour show to cover ALL the known heretics in public ministry today. Bravo to Jackie for citing the list above!


This got be whole week of Podcasts for ole Jackie cover everything my fav part Daystar turning into General Hospital like Daytime soap with all trouble with Lambs family

I thought GH Quartermines were nuts ROFL