Roof of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral collapses, engulfed by fire

Discussion in 'Breaking News & World Events' started by Kaatje, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. DWB

    DWB Well-Known Member

    I doubt it. The left has to protect the muzzies at all costs!
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  2. Meagin Ganus

    Meagin Ganus New Member

    Maybe it’s a foreshadowing of Babylon burning. Sure it’s beautiful and historical. But Catholicism has been the scourge of true Christianity for centuries. I mean, Revelation does tell us that all the people will lament over Babylon. It makes you wonder. As they say... nothing takes God by surprise. I personally think it was an act of arson and terrorism. France has a huge problem on their hands.
  3. lightofmylife

    lightofmylife Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!

    Isn't it amazing that they saved the crown of thorns! There is something fishy with this it does sound like arson/terrorism. It is strange that the fire trucks didn't get there. I am no fan of the RCC Cathedral's or their false teachings!
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  4. ByGod'sGrace

    ByGod'sGrace Well-Known Member

    I was shocked when I saw this in the news today, then realized that someday this will be basically the whole world during the Tribulation. It made me incredibly sad.
  5. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    The point is, if it's accidental it is not a source of terror. By definition, terrorism must cause terror. Therefore, those who cause terror take credit for it so that they can remove any thought of accident and let the world know it was done on purpose. Otherwise they have simply wasted their time. My guess is that this is either sheer accident, gross carelessness, or gross incompetence. And given the featherbed, nepotistic, corrupt history of labor unions in France, my money is on gross incompetence.
  6. Spartan Sprinter 1

    Spartan Sprinter 1 Well-Known Member

    Was this the real crown of thorns fro Jesus or another artifact similar to the shroud of Turin etc ?
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  7. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    No, not unless someone revered that crown so much,
    that they would take it home, after our Lord was taken from the cross.
    As a keepsake for the then future RCC. Beggars belief, don’t you think?
  8. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    Me too.
  9. Joseph The Carpenter

    Joseph The Carpenter Well-Known Member

    Most Roman Catholic "artifacts" were found by Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine about three hundred years after the Resurrection of Christ JESUS.
    I do not believe this "crown" is real.
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  10. Spartan Sprinter 1

    Spartan Sprinter 1 Well-Known Member

    yeah a bit odd that the catholic church has dibs on all of these artifacts !!!!!!!!! I thought it sounded a bit fishy
  11. pixelpusher

    pixelpusher Well-Known Member

    I wonder if somehow on the other side of this we will have moved a step closer to uniting man’s religions.

    It is something of a shame for the loss of the art & architecture, but I care not a whit for the continued deception of the Rcc, or saved artifacts and relics. Or the continued broadcast equality of Christianity and Catholicism.

    It’s essentially the same thing as if the Ashera poles were burning.

    Lord, may many see through the smoke and find The Truth that is Christ.
  12. SBH29

    SBH29 Well-Known Member

    Something I'll never understand.
  13. greg64

    greg64 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing. If it was terror, the French government might try to suppress it, but the terrorists themselves would loudly take credit so there would be no hiding it.
  14. pixelpusher

    pixelpusher Well-Known Member

    I reckon Romans 1:28 covers it. Brains are addled.
  15. OnlyHim

    OnlyHim Well-Known Member

    I think He might be reminding us that this world is not our home and soon all of the Notre Dames of the world will be destroyed. Our faith is not in buildings nor artifacts (though it is disheartening to see their loss) where moth and rust destroy. Our faith is in the one true Living Christ and soon He is coming back.
  16. Luke12

    Luke12 Well-Known Member

    It just looks mighty suspicious what with the "yellow-jacket" protests going on in France...and they were getting ugly....and this happening during Easter week ? plus this fire started a few minutes after it was closed ?
  17. Anewcreationinjesus

    Anewcreationinjesus Well-Known Member

    THIS !!!!!!
  18. Hidden

    Hidden Well-Known Member

    It's simple, actually. Most in the left are unbelievers and most unbelievers are offended by the obvious superiority of the Judeo-Christian values among other worldviews. They look at history and they see the overwhelming positive influence and achievements of countries with Judeo-Christian underpinnings, so they embrace anything and everything that goes against it.
  19. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    Very well said. :thumbup
  20. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

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