Roger Waters dresses up as SS officer, compares Anne Frank to Abu Akleh


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Roger Waters dresses up as SS officer, compares Anne Frank to Abu Akleh
"Good morning to every one but Roger Waters," tweeted the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Roger Waters dressed up as an SS officer and compared Anne Frank to Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during a concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin last week. At the beginning of the show, an announcement was displayed on a screen reading “on a matter of public interest: a court in Frankfurt has ruled that I am not an antisemite," sparking applause from the crowd. "Just to be clear, I condemn antisemitism unreservedly," continued the announcement.

Waters, the former bassist and vocalist of the band Pink Floyd, has repeatedly come under fire for anti-Zionist and antisemitic statements and actions, with his former bandmates rejecting his actions. Waters also has expressed support for Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine.


Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Never again. :tappingfoot

In memory of Goldie, who survived two camps and lived to tell me about the Holocaust when I was a very small child.

Rising world-wide anti-Semitism, including in the U.S., is "incentivizing" Jewish people to return (to Israel).
Yet another sign of Jesus' soon return for believers and the start of the Tribulation.

:pray :pray :amen :amen


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Twisted individual, and even in my teen wild years in the 70s, I never liked Pink Floyd.
Their big influence from the 70s was Alister Crowley. The guys responsible for modern Satanism and dark magik. He spelled it with a k making a distinction from the trivial illusion of fake magic

He influenced pink Floyd, led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne and almost every musician from that time.

"Do what thou wilt" is the whole of the law. That was the 1st law of Satanism. Self serve love me 1st foremost and above all else.

Good thing we don't see that I
Being preached in America pulpits today. "Live your best life now"

Umbrella Girl

Now we see through a glass, darkly; (1 Cor 13:12)
A long time ago, I read that all the members of Pink Floyd were atheist / agnostic, and did not like the idea of any “organized religion.”

So it’s really no wonder that their “works” are all so dark, depressing, and hopeless…

Without God, that is exactly what you get…