Rocket sirens sound amid alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus


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Rocket sirens sound amid alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus
This is the second alleged Israeli airstrike reported in Syria this year.
Published: FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Rocket sirens sounded in and near Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel, as Syrian state media reported an alleged Israeli airstrike near Damascus on Tuesday night. The IDF confirmed that an anti-aircraft missile fired from Syria set off the sirens and that the missile exploded mid-air. Shrapnel from an air defense missile fell on a residential building in the city of Qudsaya near Damascus, according to Syrian reports. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The IDF confirmed early Wednesday morning that it hit Syrian air defense sites in response to the anti-aircraft missile which flew into Israeli airspace. The targets included a Syrian radar and air defense batteries. A military source told the Syrian state news agency SANA that airstrikes were launched from over Lebanon on Tuesday night, followed by an attack by surface-to-surface missiles fired from the Golan Heights targeting sites near Damascus. The source added that Syrian air defenses intercepted some of the Israeli missiles and that authorities are examining the results of the attack.