Rivlin requests not to sit next to Netanyahu

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    Rivlin requests not to sit next to Netanyahu
    President Rivlin says that these are 'sensitive days' during which he consults with the Knesset factions regarding the next prime minister.
    Hezki Baruch, 14/04/19

    President Reuven Rivlin refused to sit next to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at an event commemorating fallen IDF soldiers at the Jerusalem International Convention Center on Sunday night.

    According to the Channel 12 News report, the president's office explained that these are "sensitive days" during which the president consults with the Knesset factions regarding the identity of the next prime minister. Bereaved family members of fallen IDF soldiers sat between Netanyahu and Rivlin.

    The relationship between Netanyahu and Rivlin has been up and down over the years. There was tension between the two leaders just recently when Netanyahu claimed that Rivlin was "looking for an excuse to grant Benny Gantz the formation of the government."

    The president's office responded strongly to Netanyahu's remarks, saying that "this is another attempt to discredit the president's discretion regarding the exercise of his legal authority. This time again, we'll clarify that the president will make his decision according to the law like all the previous presidents of Israel."

    "This is another despicable attempt to undermine public trust in the president's decision following the elections. The president won't be swayed by flattery and won't fear these repeated irresponsible attacks which are motivated by cynical political considerations."

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    Fair enough.
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    That is right and proper of Rivlin. He can't be seen to play favourites.

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