Rick Wiles of TruNews


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someone else to be wary of is Rick Wiles

he has been going more and more into Steven Anderson like territory on his TruNews show as of late

i.e. Wiles has gone on rants about Ben Shapiro and Israel

but not surprising, considering Wiles has a Post Mil leaning towards Eschatology


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Wiles again has gone on a anti-semitic rant


now, I am not supportive of RWW, but they are right that Wiles is a Anti-Semitic and the end result of going Full Post Mil and Dominionist

there is btw a half truth, some Rabbis are Pro Abortion, i know of a couple on Twitter who are followed by celebs, and they are very leftist on everything

however, there are many Pro Life and Anti-Abortion Rabbis as well.

so, Wiles is mostly wrong that Rabbis support Abortion. Some do, Some dont.


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Rick btw thinks Vegan Food is the MOTB ?

he actually said recently

fake meat like the Impossible Burger at Burger King were created to change our DNA and turns human beings “soulless” so they can’t ever be born again.

facepalm when i read that online


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Wow. That's a new take I've not heard before. LOL I'm not a big believer you can take away a person's soul through the eating of a meatless burger. What do I know though?!