Reports: Israel destroyed Syrian missile battery that fired toward Tel Aviv area


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Reports: Israel destroyed Syrian missile battery that fired toward Tel Aviv area
According to Channel 12, overnight Israeli strikes in Syria may have targeted Hezbollah factory for precision-guided missiles
By TOI staff
3 September 2021

The Israeli Air Force struck and destroyed a Syrian missile battery after it launched a missile that exploded near central Israel early Friday morning, according to Hebrew media reports Friday evening on Channel 12 and Army Radio. The Syrian air defense missile flew over Israeli skies before exploding over the Mediterranean Sea, the Israel Defense Forces said. Missile fragments were later found in the Tel Aviv area. Incoming rocket warning sirens were not sounded, in keeping with the military’s policy of not triggering alarms for projectiles headed toward unpopulated areas.

The Syrian military fired the missile in response to what Syrian state media said were Israeli airstrikes near Damascus. Israeli officials believe the missile was not intentionally fired at Israeli territory. According to Channel 12, those Israeli strikes apparently targeted an advanced weapons facility, possibly a Hezbollah site for the production of precision-guided missiles. The report did not cite any sources. There were no reports of injuries or damage in Israel as a result of the fallen missile fragments.


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Good for Israel, but it might have sent a stronger message if they'd taken out at least a half dozen Missile batteries of the same type in addition to the one that did the deed. Instead of tit for tat, I think TIT for tat might prove more effective in dissuading the enemy.

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Isaiah 17 could happen soon if tensions between Israel and Syria continue to rise.

here is a quote of Isaiah 17:1.
A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

Israel might respond with a nuke if Damascus used a weapon of mass destruction.
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