Report: US to ban Russian flights from its airspace


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Report: US to ban Russian flights from its airspace
Officials say US government will announce a ban on Russian flights from American airspace as soon as Wednesday.
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The US government is expected to announce a ban on Russian flights from American airspace as soon as Wednesday, government and industry officials told Reuters on Tuesday. The White House declined to comment, but had been holding extensive talks with US airlines in recent days on the issue. Earlier in the day, United Airlines said it has temporarily suspended flying over Russian airspace, joining other major US carriers who have taken the step after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The West has imposed a series of sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, including closing much of Europe’s airspace to civilian Russian aircraft. On Sunday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Union is poised to bar all Russian aircraft from entering the airspace of all 27 member states.



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This just got taken one step further.. Now if you are a Russian citizen you cannot fly any plane in U.S.

(Kind of makes you wonder not if, but when and how Christians get the same treatment by our govt and the world)

US Bars Russian Citizens From Piloting Planes Over United States​

The U.S. has barred all Russian citizens who own or lease aircraft in the United States from piloting those planes in the country's airspace.

A Notice to Air Missions released Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration declares that “all aircraft, regardless of the state of registry, owned, chartered, leased, operated or controlled by, for, or for the benefit of, a person who is a citizen of the Russian Federation are prohibited from operating to, from, with ot through U.S. territorial airspace, except for aircraft engaged in humanitarian or SAR [search and rescue] operation specifically authorized by the FAA.”

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that all U.S. airspace was closed to Russian aircraft, but the FAA’s announcement takes it a step further and bars any Russian citizen from even operating an aircraft in U.S. airspace.