Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria


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Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria
Defense officials declined to comment on the report.
US-made F-16 fighter jets in action.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Israeli fighter jets penetrated Syrian airspace and attacked numerous Hezbollah targets in the South of Syria, according to Syrian media Saturday. Estimated targets included a weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah fighters traveling through Syria. According to reports, up to a dozen Israeli war planes conducted the mission close to the Lebenon-Syria border in the Qalamoun Mountains region.

Defense officials declined to comment on the report. This would be the first attack attributed to Israel since Russia began operating in the area. Israel has reportedly struck Hezbollah in Syria several times over the past year, although the military regularly declines to comment on foreign media reports.

Earlier this year, the Israel Air Force reportedly struck a vehicle located in a Druse village in southwestern Syria, killing Hezbollah men and a pro-Assad militiaman, as well as a military base in Lebanon. The Druse village, Hader, is located near the Golan Heights.


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Revelations 6
Isaiah 28

do you think the Syrian Greek brokers the peace agreement ???????:book :bible :hmmm

overflowing scourge passing through ((((Iranian coilition)))) possibly

twice it is called the covenant of death and hell

they trust in the arm of the flesh :groan Egypt and Rome :hmmm

to keep them safe instead of God :groan

what a disaster that will become :frown2

read Isaiah folks it gets real specific read Isaiah 31 it involves Egypt too :sad

ties in with Daniel yep :sad

the last half spoken about in Revelations 17

they will kill with hunger stopping people from hunting any animals
and the red horse spoke about in Zechariah 6 (ISLAM) the strong steeds
so all them refugee's will be given an agenda of course they will

wonder if ((RED)) is of the first chariot ???????:thinking :shrug I don't know that yet but it reads to me as if it could be yes

they get mentioned last scripture indicates because they were not content like the rest with one portion of the earth and globe but asked permission to go into the whole earth
so that is a distinguishing point of what is said in the scriptures
(((given to him a great sword))) is as well distinguishing point (((Beheadings mentioned in other places like Revelations 20)))

I might be calling on you all cause I am a reckoning something I never seen clear till now :sad

:thinking got me to wanting to know more on it :bible

you know what folks its as if Ezekiel told the future backwards but reading it its absolutly what is going on :eek:

shocking revelation but read it its all right :eek:

:book what you reckon ??????????????? Input please this is good ;)

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:tea just a interesting tidbit folks we should pay attention with the leaders of Islam when they gather in the area of what was called and termed in scriptures as ((TYRE))AND (((SIDON)))
there is a clear reason from God's word but most skim it over in reading

Its plain as ever there :hmmm

something interesting about them four horsemen united
due to rebelliousness of man
strikingly similiar to the Exodus
and we have read the battle spoke about in Daniel 8 from that beast from the east making havok saying they is no help. there is another beast that manifests out of the west (AC ) and it destroys the one in the east and people will think evil has been put away with and when they say peace and safety :book
yes folks big as day :amen God has told it to us in his word :bible gets obvious in the day the sealed book is unsealed now :amen we must be reminded Jesus is in control they have to be for his will to be established

the battles written of long long ago are on the way :panic Jesus is in control everybody
just dont believe the ones saying peace and safety when you see that battle spoke in Daniel and Revelations

behold what a time folks :bible the time when the sealed is REVEALED :bouncies

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we may be in the balcony above watching :bouncies:bouncies

you have to know time is not standing still in these times it won't weight on any so BE READY :cloud9

:fireworks but folks really the fourth of July may not just be for July :hide anymore with what will come on earth in these battles that must happen

thats getting more obvious by the second :hmmm

wow :twitch

I just caught a glimpse of what ISRAEL WILL HAVE TO DO NEXT :waaa :twitch

LORD :unsure :woah

If that clicks off this next month I think I will be ever stunned :twitch

the greater thing is

It may very well happen :twitch

pray for BIBI you CHRISTIAN PRAYER WARRIORS YES WE MUST :sad :sad :sad do tht

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:bible Its wrote in the scriptures :book that that happens in ISRAEL :eek:

:horn:horn:horn bet the watchmen makes a airing on this upcoming one
they would surely need too :sad :thinking wonder if they realize the closeness now in the developing and coming battle :scratch I sure hope so everybody :thinking

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don't make a whit that defense officials declined to comment Israel has spoke her warnings and they did not believe

Lord they act deaf toward the warning given

what else can happen :twitch

dont ask that :shocked :shocked:shocked

could get explosive and quick this time