Report: Iran has already decided to strike back against Israel


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"Tehran's decision to retaliate to the Israeli and American attacks has already been made and will be implemented at the right time and place," sources in Lebanon told Al Rai, which traditionally propagates anti-Zionist and anti-Israel views."

The report also said that Iran and its regional allies were planning for the possibility of an "all-out war."

Well... I guess there you have it. Even though the article is 2 weeks old... Bring on Ezekiel 38!

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Does this mean that Iran is going to do something direct rather than getting someone else to do their dirty work?
Well somehow I think there have been secret meetings with Russia and only a few weeks ago they we’re meeting with China. I don’t think Iran is brave enough to be up against the US alone, they need an alliance in order to not be demolished. That’s why they want the US out of the region.