Report: Egypt planning long-term truce between Israel, Gaza


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Report: Egypt planning long-term truce between Israel, Gaza
Cairo reportedly pushing to secure 'long-term truce' between Gaza and Israel - and is even bringing in Iran in the preliminary talks.
Israel National News

Egypt is engaged in efforts to broker a "long-term truce" between terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel, according to a report Sunday by the London-based The New Arab news site. This follows Cairo's recent mediation in resolving the latest conflict, referred to as "Operation Shield and Arrow," between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Sources familiar with the ongoing mediation said that Egyptian authorities have conveyed a message to high-ranking officials from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, urging their personal attendance at the upcoming talks in Cairo. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss sensitive matters. Recent international and regional agreements involving the United States, Qatar, and Egypt have paved the way for Cairo's expanded role in the Gaza Strip, necessitating the direct involvement of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders.