Report: Bennett preparing for new elections


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Report: Bennett preparing for new elections
PM reportedly meets with former Netanyahu political adviser to discuss dissolving Knesset, courting centrist voters in new election campain.
Israel National News

At the end of last month, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met at his home in Ra'anana with Strategic Adviser Aron Shaviv, who previously advised former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The meeting was also attended by Bennett's political adviser, Shimrit Meir. Haaretz journalist Michael Hauser Tov reported that Bennett estimated at the meeting that the government would come to an end in a few weeks, and began planning for the next election campaign.

In the conversation, the scenario of dissolving the Knesset with the support of Ra'am came up as Bennett's preferred option, because that way he would be able to keep his seat. According to the coalition agreement, if one of the parties which back Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid supports the dissolution of the Knesset, Bennett will remain prime minister of the transition until a new government is sworn in.