Repentance, Not Ritual


God is GOOD!
Repentance, Not Ritual
By: Maxine M.

Jack felt pretty good about himself; it had been a good day
He had gone to church, served as an usher showing strangers the way
Thanked the Pastor; told him he appreciated what he had to say

He had sung in the choir, but had the words really penetrated his heart?
As Amazing Grace and The Old Rugged Cross, a Spiritual message impart
He was proud of his contribution to the church’s yearly mission start

Last week he had written a big check, which put his name on the top of the donation list
He told his co-worker he’d pray for him, but that request his mind must have missed
The trouble at his work had taken a new ethics law twist

He had been acknowledged at the church board meeting; he was held in high esteem
Plus he had always considered himself the leader on any team
Mom has pushed modesty, but PRIDE had put him in such extreme

As he drifted off to sleep, he hoped tomorrow would be as great
In a deep sleep he dreamt of encountering an Angel and the anxiety that would create
What would this Godly messenger say or do? He could only fearfully anticipate

The Angel declared, “This message is from the God of Heaven above
The One Whose voice came, at the Jordan River, in the form of a Dove
Saying, “This is My beloved Son”, LISTEN to Him for He speaks out of LOVE”

Whereas YOU talk and think about what YOU’ve done or intend to do
Instead of humbly being GRATEFUL for all HE’s done for you
How He, in total love, sent His only Son to pay your sin debt that is due

(Luke 11:39) Jesus spoke of “religious” leaders cleaning the outside of a soul by a ritual view
BUT the inside was still filthy, un-yielded to His Gift to make all things new
That by simply ASKING, ACCEPTING Him as Savior, the cleaning would be through and through

That the human heart can ONLY be legitimately cleaned by the Blood Jesus shed
Not by how “religious” a life anyone has led
Or whatever words those other than Jesus Himself said

Jack awoke with a feeling of dismay, just what had his dream meant
Had all his “good works” been in vain? Did it suggest he should repent?
Did he really KNOW Jesus, or just perspectives others had sent?

He went to find his bible in a drawer, where it was stored
It had never really been read; its Life Giving words had never been explored
The report of God’s overwhelming LOVE had basically been ignored

Jack read how God’s MERCY was abundant, withholding the punishment we DESERVE
That He grants GRACE, blessings for His children reserved
In spite of the trials & sufferings we go through, our place in eternity is preserved

By FAITH in Jesus’ death and Resurrection, not by any outward good deed
Or church ritual, but by submitting to His Lordship, trusting Him to fulfill every need
Steadfast in the belief that HE will show us how to proceed

Jack learned that THEN we can pray DIRECTLY to the Almighty, give praise & honor to He Who arose
Since He knows ALL about us, we can, our inner thoughts & feelings, go ahead and expose
That the more we talk to Him, our one on One relationship grows

The Bible told him how God is truly IN CHARGE of every life He created
He has a special diverse plan for each and every person, but that everyone can come to Him cannot be overstated
And that the difficulties and hardships we experience bring us closer to Him needs to be contemplated

Jack fell on his knees in reverence and repentance for what he had learned
Asked God to forgive him, his thoughts and feelings had totally turned
That Salvation was GOD’S GIFT and NOT something that can be EARNED